Supporting learning at home


Hello Turtle adults,

Spending time with your Turtle – talking, playing, reading, exploring and being creative – are some of the most important ways to help them to develop at this stage. They do not need to be doing lots of additional work at home, they have been busy working at school all day and can use their time at home to relax and pursue and discover their interests.

The main thing we do encourage though is reading! Reading is so wonderful! Sharing stories together will get your Turtle interested in books and help them to develop their vocabulary and imagination. Practising their reading with the reading books that are sent home is also key and we recommend that they read at least 4 times a week. Short, regular practises are best.

If you follow me on twitter you will also be able to see regular updates on which phonic sounds they have been learning and practising (along with lots more that we have been doing in class) and it is good to do some light practise of this too – as suggested in the photos in twitter e.g. have a “phonics hunt” where you look for objects beginning with specific letter sounds.


There are also a few websites and apps that I recommend if you would like your Turtle to spend some time online:

CBeebies games:

Fungooms (games):

Topmarks – maths games:

Safari Coding and the Bee-Bot app – both develop early Coding skills (both are free)

Twinkl Alphabet Cards and Letter Formation app – teaches the letter sounds and names and letter formation

Google Classroom

Turtles have been learning to use the online learning platform Google Classroom at school and can now access Google Classroom at home. All you have to do is type ‘Google Classroom login’ into Google (it is best to use Chrome browser if possible) and select ‘Sign In’ from the top right hand corner or click on this link:

You will be able to see our virtual classrooms from the beginning of the year and most importantly the ones with content on Black History Month and Online Safety as we now make the switch from the majority of the information being on the blog to it now being on Google Classroom. Do go and explore and leave a comment.


If your Turtle does have to be off school for any considerable amount of time you can use the White Rose Maths website but please bear in mind the home learning resources do not necessarily reflect what we will be doing in school but are a good way to keep them challenged mathematically. You do not need to use White Rose if they are in school, this is not homework.

If you do need to speak to me I am usually available for a brief word at the gate in the afternoons otherwise please contact the school office.

We are having a wonderful time together as a class and I hope you enjoy hearing about school…unless your child doesn’t talk about school, there are always some who don’t (once it’s done it’s done) which of course is perfectly fine too!

Best wishes,

Miss Linsley

Our Bodies, Senses and Healthy Living!

Hi Turtles,

This is what we have been learning about and continue to learn about in the Ourselves topic this term.

Here are some videos to reinforce the learning…plus they are great fun!

The Body

Now here’s a story…

Which parts of your body can you name? What do they do? Which part of your body is in charge of all the rest?


Can you identify what kind of taste some of the food you eat is? Salty? Sweet? Sour? Bitter?

Now here’s a story about senses…

Healthy Living

Here’s a fun song about avocados to start you off. If you listen closely you will hear that it is actually a recipe for guacamole. Maybe you could try making that at home 🙂

This was our story of the week. We talked about the baby growing strong from the healthy avocados and also discussed what bullies are.

Learn to recognise some different fruits and vegetables. Which ones do you like? Which ones could you try next?

Let’s learn some more about healthy choices when it comes to eating:

It is important that we exercise to stay healthy as well as eating healthy food. Here are some fun exercise videos:

Phonics and Maths

Let’s finish up with some phonics and maths practise!

So far we have learnt s a t p i n m d in class.

Practise your blending using this video to help:

In maths we are working on mastering 1-5, practise counting with the Number Blocks then have a go at representing amounts between 1-5 in as many different ways as you can.

I hope you enjoyed your learning.

Thinking of you,

Miss Linsley x